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      1. since 2000 Registered in national Chengdu High Tech Zone.

        Ally Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd.

        Ally Hi-Tech was established on September 18, 2000, a national high-tech enterprise registered in Chengdu High-tech Zone. In the past 21 years, Ally has been adhering to the R & D leading direction of new energy solutions and advanced hydrogen production technology, and paid attention to the industrial application and market promotion of the technology, which made Ally one of the top level enterprises in hydrogen energy industry.

        In the field of hydrogen energy, Ally has established a professional position as a Chinese hydrogen production expert. It has built more than 600 sets of hydrogen production and purification projects, has undertaken many national top projects. Ally has participated in 6 national 863 projects, and owned 44 patents of the United States, European Union and China. Ally is a professional hydrogen generation supplier for many Fortune 500 companies, a typical technology-oriented and export-oriented enterprise.

        Ally Hi-Tech has established long-term cooperation with users at home and abroad with its excellent quality and service, and it is a qualified supplier of a world-class company. Including Sinopec, PetroChina, Hualu Hengsheng, Tianye Group, Zhongtai Chemical, American Prager Energy, Air Liquide, Linde, Praxair, Iwatani Gas,  Taiyo Nippon Sanso Company, British Petroleum (BP) and other companies.

        At the same time, Ally is committed to the construction of hydrogen energy standards, drafting a national standard, participating in the drafting of 7 national standards and one international standard. Among the national standards, "GB/T 34540-2017 Technical Specifications for Methanol Conversion Pressure Swing Adsorption Hydrogen Production" that drafted and compiled by Ally Hi-Tech was released. In May 2010, Ally participated in the publication of the national standard "GB 50516-2010, Technical Specifications for Hydrogen filling Stations".

        In December 2018, Ally participated in the release of the national standard GB/T 37244-2018, "Fuel Hydrogen for Proton Exchange Memabrane Fuel Cell Vehicles". Its release determines the technical standards for hydrogen using and hydrogen refueling of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

        Company Structure:

        Ally High-Tech Co., Ltd. --- Ally High-Tech Management Center, responsible for corporate management, technology development, engineering design, capital operation, etc.

        Ally Machinery Co., Ltd. --- Ally Hi-Tech Equipment Installation and Operation Center, responsible for equipment installation, skid-mounted and commissioning.

        Ally High-Tech Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch---Ally High-Tech Marketing Center

        Tokyo, Japan Chengchuan Technology Co., Ltd.---Ally High-Tech Overseas Technology R&D Center

        Technical Status and Awards

        Hydrogen Filling Station Project for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

        Hydrogen Filling Station Project of 2010 Shanghai World Expo

        Hydrogen Station for Xichang and Hainan Satellite Launch Center

        Participated in 6 National 863 Projects

        Participated in the compilation of 7 national standards and 1 international standard

        Company Qualifications

        Chengdu Enterprise Technology Center (Hydrogen Energy Technology Center)

        National High Tech Enterprises

        Qualification Certificate Grade B for Professional Engineering Design and General Contracting of City Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical Pharmaceutical Industry (Oil Refining)

        Grade B of Chemical, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Industry (Oil Refining Engineering)

        Environmental Engineering (Water Pollution Control Project) Special Grade B

        Design License for Special Equipment (Regular Design for Stationary Pressure Vessels)

        Special Equipment Manufacturing License (Pressure Pipe GC1)

        Special Equipment Manufacturing License (B1 / B2 Valve)

        Qualification Certificate of Engineering Consulting Unit Grade C in Petrochemical, Ecological Construction and Environmental Engineering

        GB / T 19001-2016 / ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification (CQC certification)

        Bank Credit Rating Certificate A

        Self Operated Import and Export Right

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