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      1. Ally Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd. Has Successfully Developed the Shift Catalyst for Hydrogen Production from Natural Gas Applicable for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Batter

        On November 27, 2020, the research and development team of Ally Hi-Tech Co. Ltd. Natural Gas Hydrogen Production Shift Catalyst made a final report on the project "research and development of a wide temperature chromium free water gas shift catalyst". The company's management and technical department experts listened to the research group's report on the research and development process and research results of the catalyst. It was agreed that after 8 years of hard work, the indicators of the catalyst reached or exceeded the set value, and the catalyst was successfully accepted.

        At present, the catalyst ALGC-T1865 has been put into use in a natural gas hydrogen production and hydrogenation integrated station. The heat exchange process at the outlet of high temperature reformer gas is highly integrated, and the hydrogen production is changed at the same time of heat exchange, so as to minimize the consumption of natural gas and produce less or no by-product steam. The inlet temperature of the shift converter can be as low as 220 ℃, the CO content in the outlet gas is less than 0.5v/v%, and the hydrogen conversion efficiency is increased by 2 ~ 3%. The wide temperature and environment-friendly medium low temperature shift catalyst ALGC-T1865 has the following advantages:

        1. It is superior to the iron chromium catalyst used in the market for its activation temperature is low and activity rate is high. 

        2. Good temperature resistance, water vapor resistance, suitable temperature range is of 220 ~ 450 ℃.

        3. Sulfur free materials are used in the process of catalyst production, so sulfur releasing process will not occur in the process of catalyst use, which will cause sulfur content in product hydrogen.

        4. Chromium free formula was used in the production of catalyst.

        After four years of laboratory research and development, two years of improvement and two years of side line experiments, the new shift catalyst ALGC-T1865 was finally finalized and put into industrial production. It successfully solved the problem of excessive sulfur caused by sulfur release in the process of using traditional shift catalyst. It is the best choice for using natural gas as hydrogen source in the field of fuel cell battery. At the same time, the catalyst ALGC-T1865 does not contain heavy metal chromium and is environmentally friendly It is easy to be used in overseas high-end markets.

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