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      1. The first United States integrated hydrogen production station of the United States was successfully delivered

             Today, the long lost winter sun shines on every passionate employee! The 200kg /d full skid mounted "PP Integrated NG-H2 Production Station" independently developed and produced by Ally Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. has set sail for the United States! She, like a folk emissary, traveling across the sea, bringing us the feelings and efforts of the Ally Hi-Tech Co. Ltd. on the other side of the ocean and the world's green carbon neutrality!

             Before shipment, the acceptance team of the American client arrived at the factory on November 25, 2020 to inspect the project on site and conduct node acceptance. The acceptance team fully affirmed the high-tech professional and technical level of Ally Hi-Tech Co. Ltd. The successful node acceptance of this project marks the first time that the hydrogen energy products independently developed and produced by Ally enter the US market, laying a solid foundation for the development of high-end markets in the United States and Europe, which is an important milestone!

             With new energy solutions and advanced hydrogen production technology research and development as its leading role, Ally Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. has participated in the construction of China's first hydrogen refueling station project, provided hydrogen station projects for space satellite launch centers, participated in 863 projects of many countries, and exported equipment to South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and other places. In the future, we will, as always, provide high-quality products and perfect professional services to all parts of the world!

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