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      1. Review of the 5th China (Foshan) International Hydrogen Industry and Fuel Cell Technology Products Exhibition

        From December 8 to December 10, under the guidance of the National Development and Reform Commission of the people's Republic of China and the National Energy Administration, jointly sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme and the China Center for International Economic Exchange, Guangdong Development and Reform Commission, Foshan Municipal People's government, the 2021 United Nations Development Programme Hydrogen Industry Conference, which is fully supported by the people's Government of Nanhai District, Foshan City, was grandly opened in Xiqiao Mountain Cultural Center, Nanhai District, Foshan City. At the same time, the Fifth China (Foshan) International hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology and products exhibition was held.

        With the theme of "Creating a Hydrogen Era and Carbon Neutralization Together", the conference has an opening ceremony, academician forum, summit forum and closing ceremony, focusing on in-depth discussions in the fields of hydrogen industry and fuel cell technology and application, policies, standards, international cooperation and so on.

        The exhibition includes five exhibition areas, including Nanhai + International Pavilion, Equipment Pavilion, Fuel Cell Pavilion and other pavilions. There are nearly 320 exhibitors. Advanced enterprises domestic and abroad and cutting-edge hydrogen energy industry technology products appeared at the same time.

        This conference is the fifth exhibition Ally Hi-Tech, which launched the technology and products of "Natural Gas Hydrogen Production and Refueling Integrated Station". At the venue, we discussed and exchanged with new and old friends about the actual operation of hydrogen production in the station.

        Main features and advantages of integrated natural gas hydrogen production and refueling station:

        • Utilize the existing natural gas pipeline network, CNG, LNG filling station and other facilities to build or expand the integrated hydrogen production and refueling station;

        • Through integrated hydrogen production and refueling in the station, the hydrogen transportation links are reduced and the cost of hydrogen production, storage and transportation is reduced;

        • It is very suitable to build an integrated hydrogen production and refueling master station in the suburbs of the city, and establish a hydrogen refueling sub station in the city center to form a hydrogenation parent - child comprehensive station within the region;

        Participated in five consecutive sessions of China (Foshan) International Hydrogen Industry and Fuel Cell Technology and Products Exhibition, from the initial single hydrogen production unit, providing hydrogen energy solutions, to the long-time power supply system for methanol hydrogen production, the concept of integration of natural gas hydrogen production and refueling, to the construction and operation of the integrated natural gas hydrogen production and refueling station this year, Ally Hi-Tech has always been diligent and down-to-earth in the field of hydrogen energy products applicable to customers.

        In the future, Ally Hi-Tech will further cooperate closely with its partners to create a hydrogen era.

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