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      1. H? by Natural Gas

        On the basis of synthetic ammonia process, bold reform has been carried out on reformer, desulfurization shift, heat recovery system and purification system, so that the investment of the unit is greatly reduced compared with the old process, and the consumption of natural gas is also reduced by about 1 / 3. Especially in the technical transformation of the core equipment of natural gas reforming - reformer, a breakthrough success has been achieved, and it has been tested in the completed device. In terms of technical innovation of hydrogen production from natural gas reforming, our company has obtained six national patents, one American patent and one European patent; the hydrogen production system of small and medium-sized natural gas cylindrical furnace has been supported by the technology innovation fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China, and provided 50nm3 / h natural gas hydrogen production device for Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.

        Technology Characteristics

        Technical Process

        Main Performance Index

        Technology Characteristics

        • A wide range of raw materials: natural gas, biogas, LPG, light naphtha, coalbed methane, landfill gas, etc.

        •  Mature technology, safe and reliable operation.

        • Simple operation and high degree of automation.

        • Low operating cost and short payback period.

        • All PSA desorbed gas is burned back to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emission.

        • Optimized structure of cylindrical furnace, simple structure and high reliability.

        • The equipment is highly integrated to skid-mounted, with small land occupation, less investment and short construction period.

        • The boiler circulation system adopts proprietary technology to simplify the process, save investment and reduce consumption.

        • Low nitrogen emission technology to meet environmental requirements. 

        Technical Process

        After pressurized desulfurization, natural gas or other raw materials are mixed with steam to enter the special reformer. Under the action of catalyst, reforming reaction is carried out to generate reformed gas containing H2, CO2, CO and other components. After heat recovery of the reformed gas, CO is converted into hydrogen through shift reaction, and hydrogen is obtained from shift gas through PSA purification. PSA tail gas is returned to the reformer for combustion and heat recovery.

        Main Performance Index

        Plant size                 


        Product purity

        99%~99.9995% (v/v)

        Product pressure


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