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      1. Hydrogen Peroxide

        The production of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) by anthraquinone process is one of the most mature and popular production methods in the world. At present, there are three kinds of products with mass fraction of 27.5%, 35.0% and 50.0% in China market.

        Technology Characteristics

        Main Performance Index

        Technology Characteristics

        • The technology is mature, the process route is short and reasonable, and the energy consumption is low.

        • High degree of automation and safe, simple and reliable operation.

        • High equipment integration, small field installation workload and short construction period.

        Main Performance Index

        Product Concentration


        H2 Consumption(27.5%)

        195Nm3/t. H2O2


        Air:1250 Nm3,2-EAQ:0.60kg,Power:180KWh,Steam:0.05t,Water:0.85t

        Plant Size

        ≤60MTPD(50%   concentration)(20000MTPA)

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