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      1. Biogas Upgrading

        Methane purification technology with Biogas

        Biogas is a kind of environment-friendly, clean and cheap combustible gas produced by microorganism in anaerobic environment, such as livestock manure, agricultural waste, industrial organic waste, domestic sewage and municipal solid waste. The main components are methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. Biogas is mainly purified and purified for city gas, vehicle fuel and hydrogen production.

        Technology Characteristics

        Technical Process

        Main Performance Index

        Technology Characteristics

        • Mature technology, safe and reliable;

        • Flexible treatment scale, high recovery rate and high purity of methane;

        • The process is simple, easy to operate and high degree of automation control;

        • Less land occupation, less investment and short payback period;

        • Low energy consumption and low product cost.

        Technical Process

        Biogas is compressed by desulfurization and then purified by pressure swing adsorption (PSA).

        Main Performance Index

        Plant size

        50~20000 Nm3/h





        Recovery rate


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