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      1. CO Purification

        CO purification through PSA technology is different from H2 purification in that CO is adsorbed by the PSA system. The adsorbent for purifying CO is developed by our company. It has the advantage of large adsorption capacity, high selectivity, simple process, high purity and high yield.

        Main Performance Index

        Applicable Fields

        Main Performance Index

        Plant size



         98~99.5% (v/v)



        Applicable Fields

        • CO is purified from water gas and semi water gas.

        • CO is purified from yellow phosphorus tail gas.

        • Co is purified from the tail gas of calcium carbide furnace.

        • CO is purified from methanol cracking gas.

        • CO is purified from blast furnace gas.

        • Co is purified from other sources rich in carbon monoxide.

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