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      1. H? Power Supply

        Methanol hydrogen production + fuel cell long-term continuous power supply system uses methanol aqueous solution as raw material to obtain high purity hydrogen by reforming and PSA method, and then obtains heat and power output through fuel cell. The system has the following advantages.

        Technology Characteristics

        Main Performance Index

        Applicable Fields

        Technology Characteristics

        • High purity hydrogen is obtained by patent technology, and thermal and DC power is obtained after fuel cell, which is fast start-up with high purity of hydrogen and long service life of fuel cell;

        • It can be combined with solar energy, wind energy and battery to form a comprehensive backup power system;

        • IP54 outdoor cabinet, light weight and compact structure, can be installed outdoors and on the roof;

        • Quiet operation and low carbon emission.

        Main Performance Index

        Rated   output voltage

        48V.DC from DC-AC to 220V.AC

        Output   voltage range

        52.5~53.1V.DCDC-DC output

        Rated   output power

        3kW/5kW,units can be combined to 100kW

        Methanol   consumption


        Applicable   scenarios

        Off   grid independent power supply / standby power supply

        Start   time

        Cold   state < 45min, hot state < 10min (lithium battery or lead-acid battery   can be used for the period of time from external power interruption to system   startup power supply)

        Operating   temperature (℃)

        -5~45ambient temp

        Design   life of hydrogen production system (H)


        Design   life of stack (H)

        ~5000continuous working hours

        Noise   limit (dB)


        Protection   grade and dimension (m3)


        System   cooling mode

        Air   cooling

        Applicable Fields

        Methanol hydrogen production + fuel cell long-term power generation system can be widely used in base station, machine room, data center, outdoor monitoring, isolated island, hospital, RV, outdoor (field) operation power consumption.

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