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      1. Catalysts & Adsorbents

        Ally Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd. has rich practical experience in the research and development and application of catalysts and adsorbents. We provide technical parameters for engineering projects, screen qualified suppliers at home and abroad, and test the quality of adsorbents used in projects to ensure the engineering quality. It has published three editions of industrial adsorbent application manual, covering the static and dynamic adsorption performance curves of about hundreds of adsorbents in 5 categories of nearly 100 enterprises at home and abroad. In addition, we have carried out special research and development of adsorbents and catalysts in special fields. We have successively made major breakthroughs in the technologies of copper based catalysts for high-efficiency methanol to hydrogen production, cadmium free medium temperature shift catalyst with wide temperature, and high-efficiency copper based adsorbents for Co. a number of technologies have reached the international advanced level.

        Main Performance Index

        Main Performance Index




        Catalyst for conversion of natural   gas to H2

        Activated alumina for PSA


        Catalyst for conversion of methanol   to H2

        Special activated carbon for PSA


        Catalyst for direct conversion of   methanol to H2

        Special silicone for PSA


        Methanol synthesis catalyst

        Molecular sieve for PSA


        Medium temperature shift catalyst

        Special CO adsorbent for PSA

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