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      1. Technical Services

        Instrument Technical Services

        Instrument fault analysis, solutions, program control optimization

        Process Services

        Technical knowledge of commissioning process,Verify the correctness and rationality of process design parameters,Analyze the causes of abnormal process parameters and provide solutions

        Equipment Services

        Damaged Equipment Causes Analysis, Provide Solutions

        After-sales Service

        48 Hours

        Can arrive at the site in 48 hours upon customer notice

        1-2 Times

        1-2 Times of site patrol to provide technological customer service

        90 %

        Customer satisfaction rate is over 90%

        100 %

        Contracted index satisfactory rate is 100%

        < 3 %

        Customer complain rate is less than 3%

        Training Services

        The necessary training service for each project is with the professional team of on-site technical engineers. Each technical engineer has rich experience and is recognized and praised by customers!


        Project site training process (including equipment function)


        Start up steps


        Shutdown steps


        Equipment operation and maintenance


        On site explanation of the device (process of the device, positioning of the equipment, valve position, operation requirements, etc.)

        To provide the most professional training
        is our commitment to customers!

        What do you need

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        Business cooperation

        Your demand is our biggest motivation

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